About the Artist

Janet began painting under the tutelage of world-renowned painter Larry Poons at the Art Students League in 2006.  It was around this time that her artistic skills were being realized to their fullest potential.  In 2008 Janet took up figurative clay sculpting with Chris Ricciardo at the Armory Arts Center in West Palm Beach, and also began painting with Sam Perry at the same location.  It is here where she also began drawing figurative nudes, with the hopes of eventually incorporating it into her portfolio.  Janet is always looking to broaden her artistic horizons, most recently having begun to explore collage work, a venture which she declares as being one of the more fascinating explorations of her artistic life.

Janet’s motivations for her works come from all walks of life.  A mother of four, and a grandmother of three, Janet’s family continues to admire her artistic talents, and she is, in turn, constantly inspired by her family and friends.  In fact, Janet sees everything in life as a potentially creative experience.  She views all life as art, and with so many different outlets to display her artistic abilities (painting, drawing, sculpting, collage work), her portfolio is always growing.  She loves to view different art collections around the world, and finds inspirations in both her worldly travels and in the specific artists whom she views.  A lover of all arts, Janet has worked part-time as a docent for the Bruce Museum of Arts and Sciences in Greenwich, CT, and is a member at a variety of museums around the country.

Janet’s passion and commitment to her artwork continue to grow with each new piece that she creates.  Her goal is to continue to convey her love and appreciation for all art in all of her work.

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